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Tutbury Castle Medieval Photographer’s Day 23rd October 2011

Well, I can’t hardly believe how long it has been since I updated this blog.  In fact, my last post was at the end of August following the battle re-enactment at Bosworth.  So, what’s been happening while I have been away I hear you ask?  Well, not a lot really in terms of my photography, hence the extended break.  However, I have attended 5 University open days with my daughter Sophie over this period, all of which I have really enjoyed, but which have taken up quite a lot of my spare time, particularly at weekends.

Alan at Tutbury Castle Medieval Photographer's Day, October 2011

Back in June, my good friend Barry and I were approached by someone whilst visiting the Great Central Railway 1940s weekend asking if we would be interested in attending a special photographer’s event at Tutbury Castle in Staffordshire.  It was short notice but we decided to give it a go and it turned out to be a very interesting day with a number of models dressed in a variety of costumes at this excellent location.

Tutbury Castle Medieval Photographer's Day, October 2011

When I heard that Tutbury Castle were planning a similar event in October, to run from 2pm in the afternoon all the way to 9pm at night, and with a medieval theme, I knew I had to get a ticket.  I was delighted that five other members from Desborough and Rothwell Photographic Society also made it over for the event, along with myself and Barry.

Dawn at Tutbury Castle Medieval Photographer's Day, October 2011

I love doing people pictures as you know but my natural shyness occasionally stops me from approaching people at events and getting the shots I would like.  The opportunity to photograph “models” in historic outfits who were there for the sole purpose of being photographed is surely every photographer’s dream.

Alan at Tutbury Castle Medieval Photographer's Day, October 2011

The opportunity of taking photos during the evening, at dusk, and then by floodlight was an added attraction for this event and made it extra special.  I must also congratulate Lesley Smith, the curator at Tutbury Castle, not just for organising the event, but also for being the star attraction, first as Queen Bodicea and later as Nell Guinn.  Lesley certainly throws herself 100%  into the characters she portrays , which also included Queen Elizabeth I back in June.

Lesley as Queen Bodicea at Tutbury Castle Medieval Photographer's Day, October 2011

The day ended with a photo shoot in the Great Hall with only candle light for illumination.  This turned out to be a source of some disagreement between the photographers attempting to take the shots, some equipped with tripods and looking to take a long exposure, whilst others without tripods had to use flash to supplement the candle light in order to get a sharp image.

Dusk at Tutbury Castle Medieval Photographer's Day, October 2011

The source of the “conflict” was that the flashes from the tripod-less photographers was affecting the exposures of the tripod users who were shooting long exposures (several seconds I would guess) in order to get their shots by candle light alone.  In the end the flashers, including myself I must confess, were asked to pause while the tripod users took some shots sans flash.

Lesley by candle light (and bounced flash!), the Great Hall, Tutbury Castle, October 2011

As always, the photos here represent only a small portion of the images taken on the day.  I have posted many more over on my website.  I do hope that Tutbury Castle will be planning some more photographer’s days for next year.  From the feedback I have heard, everyone that attended had a brilliant day.