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Happy New Year 2015!

Just a quick line to wish all my followers a happy and healthy new year.

Sorry that I have not been posting lately but 2014 turned into a nightmare year for me. My Dad died in March and that took the wind from my sails and then in July I contracted bacterial pneumonia which led to me spending 5 nights in hospital and 6 weeks off work. They also discovered blood clots in my legs and in my lungs so I am currently taking Warfarin for that and I will have to wear compression stockings daily for the next 2 years.

The remainder of the year has been all about trying to find the energy to get back to work full-time.  Sadly, I missed most of the events I was looking forward to including the Silverstone Classic and the Cadwell Park 80th Birthday, not to forget all the re-enactment events that I love. I haven’t been out with my camera since July, but I’m hoping to venture out as soon as the weather gets warmer, just as long as I can get my legs going!

Here’s hoping that 2015 will be a better year for me, and hopefully for you too.

Best Wishes, and Happy New Year!


p.s. Here’s a reminder of one of my better days from last year, back in May at the Leicester and Leicestershire Exhibition, standing alongside my print “Trust Me I’m A Spiv” which was “Highly Commended”

Geoff Oliver
“Trust Me I’m A Spiv”

One reply on “Happy New Year 2015!”

So glad you are still healthy and ready to look forward to a better year for yourself and, for all of us, good health, good photography, good and loyal friends in time of need, so thankful to DPRS for all there support albeit I didn’t attend for some time, so lovely to be back and walk into a room full of ‘friends’, all my best wishes xxxx


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