My Photographic Journey

Welcome to the very first post of my blog.

I have titled it “My Photographic Journey” because I am planning to embark on a photographic journey of discovery which will (hopefully) improve my appreciation of photography in general and photographic art in particular.  At this stage, I’m not 100% clear on where the journey is going to take me (which is good), or what I ultimately aim to have achieved by the end of it.  What I do know is that I am looking forward to learning all about the great photographers of the past and present, and I am looking forward to challenging my preconceived ideas about contemporary art and the slightly mysterious (to me) world of fine art photography.  I am also hoping that a better appreciation of the art of photography will allow me to be more critical and objective about my own work, a process that will hopefully enable me to take my photography to a higher level.


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